Friday, March 26, 2010

A Special Prom

Every girl deserves that princess dress and those glass slippers. Prom is one of the biggest high school traditions around the country and it's a time for a girl to go all out. Expensive dresses, manicures, hair put up...everything to make a beautiful girl look dazzling. And that means every girl. Check out this article about Yakima's prom, where most of the attendees will be girls with special needs.

Dress party for special needs prom students

YAKIMA, Wash--May 7 is prom in the Valley… but this won't be your average prom...mostly because the majority of the attendees will be special needs students. In preparation for the event, there was a dress party today for Yakima area special needs girls. The students got to sort through the dresses and pick one to wear for their big day.

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