Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Fling

Winter's over and thank goodness for that! It's time to bring out the colors and get ready for summer! The Today Show offered some good tips on spring dresses for every body type! Spring (pun intended =)) into the party with a cute frock that fits you!

Spring party dresses for every body type
Stacy London of TLC's ‘What Not To Wear’ presents the best frock for you

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Pear shape
Do you carry your weight in your hips, which is a very common body shape for women? A way to camouflage that is to call attention toward the upper half of the body with a skin-baring neckline, a defined waist or an empire waistline, which sits directly at the top of the ribcage, and a skirt that floats away and off the hip. Primary colors like canary yellow, cobalt blue and red are the standout colors of the season, really almost primary in their tone (like crayons) and so bright they are almost neon.

If you're well-proportioned between your shoulder, chest and hip and have a small waist, a square neckline is particularly flattering for highlighting your body shape, with attention given to the shoulder and waist. Knee length is perfect for a more mature woman, although I only recommend sheen on a dress if you are comfortable with curves being seen. Shiny fabrics highlight curves. Matte fabrics don't.
After 35-years-old, the primary colors that are popular this season will be too harsh for your skin tone. Opt instead for a saturated jewel tone. It will warm up your skin, and yet you will still be wearing a rich color. When it comes to accessories, they don't have to “match,” they have to “go.” Utilizing color with color is a great way to modernize any party dress. Don't play it safe. Using turquoise (contrast) and garnet (compliment) as supporting players to amethyst, they highlight the dress color without overtaking its focus.

Petites can wear a mini dress quite well. You won't lose your leg line, so you still look long and lean, despite your height. On a petite frame, be careful when it comes to a cute shift dress. They have less shape than a sheath, for example. Make sure the shape isn't so sack like that your frame gets drowned in fabric. And showing leg is important if you wear a mini dress because, without a defined body shape, you need to compensate with some visible skin in order to look sexy and proportionate.
Also, petites will have problems with the primary colors as well. They can make you look a bit childish when you are small to begin with. Metallics like brushed gold are another very big trend this season (both in clothing and accessories) and much more appropriate for a sophisticated look on a small frame. Remember, metallics are neutrals. They go with any color and they go with each other. You can mix all your metallics together!

To play up curves, you need to be careful that you don't cross the line between sexy and voluptuous into trashy. You can show cleavage, but a super deep-V neckline would be inappropriate for a larger chest. Always keep your waistline defined. Look for dresses with rusching or banding at the waist. Let your clothes work for you to help you create an hourglass set of proportions.
The taller and curvier you are, the more important proportion is. And the wider your features, chest, waist or hips, the more you must compensate with length. Anything too short on a frame would make you look top heavy instead of well-proportioned. A larger frame should have larger accessories, like a multi-tiered necklace. Again, accessories need to be proportionate to the woman wearing them.

Fit is essential when you are slender. Many women think having a slim body is so easy to dress, but when you are tall and thin with long limbs it can appear as if you have outgrown your clothes when sleeves and pant legs are too short. Sleeveless dresses are great for spring.
Be careful not to wear items that are too voluminous. Too much fabric will drown a small frame and, in fact, make you look thinner. When you are pale, many people assume you should stick with light or pastel colors. But darker and richer tones can provide strong contrast for a truly breathtaking look. Skintight clothes or dramatic deep-V necklines may emphasize your frame and make you look thinner. Instead, try a high neckline with A-line shape to add the appearance of curves.

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