Sunday, January 31, 2010

What's the Point in Playing if Your Not Playing to Win?!

With the Superbowl just around the corner, it's time to start planning your party now! Besides appetizers, drinks and of course a big screen TV, you may need some other ideas to keep your guests entertained. My suggestion? Take all the other games you play and just make them Superbowl themed. For example...Charade words all have to do with football in someway (cheerleader, half-time performer, victory dance...) Here's a couple more

Drinking--make rules such as you can't say the opposing team's name, or even the word football, or else you take a out this could make everyone a little cray =)

Football Jeopardy!--There's a lot of football trivia out there, and if you wanted to make it exciting, put bets on the winning team (loser cleans up, or refills the snacks....)

Pre-Game Madden--Get in the mood by playing a little fantasy football

Football toss--even something as childish as a football toss can be fun, as long as you make the stakes big enough =)

Have fun and......Go Colts =) (Sorry all you Saint lovers)

The ins and outs

well going forward on this whole party business has sure been a challenge. not only have i single handedly bought all decorations (on a $100 budget mind you) but i have also had to make sure the advertisements have been designed and made by a deadline, gathered a group of people to distribute the flyers as well as setting up a time to record a radio commercial.

All have had their own sets of challenges:

I have a vision about how I see the bar being set up so I have enlisted the help of only one person to cut, sew and assemble all decorations. that was a challenge in itself because for one I've found that people don't like doing things for free (or maybe I'm just asking the wrong people) at any rate they have proved to be reliable but getting them to do things independent of my direction has slowed the process 10 fold. So the mantra if you want things done right do it yourself hold true.

The dollar store has become my best friend as far as decorations has gone. $50 spent there on things for the VIP lounge as well as for the individual bars stretched amazingly. Another $50 was spent on fabric and other nick-nacks and additional $1o is being spent on 100 goldfish!

below are pictures of the recording session for the commercial. Even that was painstaking for me because I had an idea in my head and I just wasn't completely satisfied by it. But it's on the radio and people will hear it so it's doing its job!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Drink of the Week: Try a Chocolatini!

MmmMmm...Who doesn't love Chocolate?
How about making a delicious Chocolatini to fulfill your chocolate craving...

Drink Recipe Ingredients to make 1 serving:
• 2 oz. Baileys Original Irish Cream (25 oz. per bottle)
• 0.3 oz. vodka
• 0.3 oz. chocolate liqueur

How to Prepare:
• Add Baileys Original Irish Cream, vodka and chocolate liqueur.
• Shake with ice and strain into martini glass.
• Garnish with raspberries (or whatever pleases your taste buds).

Tip: Candy garnishes add a great look and taste to your Chocolatini. I recommend a peppermint Candy Cane. Enjoy!

Courtesy of

How high is TOO high?

Like Katy said, heels can make you go from simply looking good to va-va-voom… But how do you know exactly which heels to wear with that sexy birthday dress?

Nothing is more embarrassing than tripping over your feet because your heels are too high, so how high is TOO high?

Here’s a SUPER GREAT example about how high is WAY TOO high! =]

So if you would rather not look like that then here are some tips:

Heels need to be tried on more than once and walked around in to test out the right fit. Due to the stresses on your feet of wearing heels these should not just be a quick pick. Stand in the shoes for a good few minutes; your feet will be able to tell you instantly if there are problems.

An important test is to stand in your heels with your knees straight. Then try to stand on your tippy toes so your heels are about a half inch off the ground. If you can’t do this, then your heels are too high.

Another thing… when you walk in your heels, be sure NOT to roll your ankles when you walk. Most people naturally roll when they walk. This will cause your ankle to roll completely and you WILL fall.

The most important thing when wearing high heels is to not wear them all the time. The constant stress on your muscles and joints will force you to wear sneakers forever if you push your limits. Switch up your wardrobe a bit… sexy stilettos don’t have to be your usual.

So remember- when going out with that hot date, goin to the club, or out on your 21-run, make sure your high heels are not TOO high.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


So today I was working out, and I was watching MTVs Sweet Sixteen. One, those kids are SUPER rich (and spoiled) but two, they have some sweet stuff at their parties. On this particular episode, the girl had a sweet dance party where a dance group performed a sick dance routine. Today is also the premier of a new season of ABDC (America's Best Dance Crew, which is one of the best shows ever. A performance during a party can really bring the vibe up, but since we live in Pullman and they're are no sweet 16s to attend, we made our own dance crew. Pullman's Best Dance Crew.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Looking Good on Your Birthday

Yesterday marked a big milestone in my life: I turned 22 years old! Alright, perhaps I met my 22nd birthday with mild panic and resistance, but I was still keen to celebrate the best year of my life. Not only was I keen to celebrate, I was eager to celebrate in style.

Searching for the right birthday dress is a precarious feat. You do not want something ill-fitting, tacky, or boring. This is a day to stand out, in a good way.

My first rule of advice is to stay away from anything that would be deemed appropriate for a funeral. Nothing is worse than someone wearing a black, dowdy birthday dress! I suggest wearing colors like rich jewel tones, which are flattering on all skin tones and body types. This is your night to shine, so crank the pizzazz of your look up to volume eleven, and bask in all the well-warranted attention you deserve. This is your day, after all, and you deserve to have the spotlight on you. If you must wear a black dress, make sure there is something special about it that draws the eye or piques interest, a good example of this is Lauren Conrad's 21 birthday dress (see above image). Yes, it is black, but it is anything but basic.

A good way to achieve a fun level of pizzazz and zing is to stick with sequins. Many young girls tend to avoid sequins, because the texture of the garment can be unflattering for most figures. But the key with sequins is to be strategic about their placement. For girls with a smaller bust, fill out a top by wearing a sequin shirt tucked into a high wasted skirt. If you want to draw attention to you legs, hip, or behind, a short sequin skirt in a rich, jewel-toned color paired with a simple black blouse is your best bet. For girls with total body confidence, I say rock sequins head to toe. This is perhaps the one time in your life you can get away with it.

Another rule I have for good birthday style is to make sure you are tucked in and strapped in securely. Nothing is worse than having a “wardrobe malfunction” and garnering attention for all the wrong reasons. So make sure whatever you are wearing is a good fit and is not going to move anywhere. That way, all eyes will be on you for the right reasons.

My last bit of advice is to wear a nice, comfortable high heel. I have the ultimate repugnance for high-heeled shoes, because at 5 feet 10 inches high, I feel like Yao Ming when I wear heels. But on my birthday, I know I have to stand out, and a heel could be the secret ingredient in taking me from looking good to va-va-voom. If I can muster my hatred for high-heeled shoes and wear stilettos on my birthday, then surely you can, too.

So, go forth, and start looking for your birthday dress now, even if your special day is not until June. After all, birthdays are not the occasion to procrastinate. And remember: This is your day to shine, to celebrate the year you’ve had. I may have met my birthday with panic and resistance, but I also met it with flair and style.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mind Your Manners!

Being a grownup is hard. You have to make your own food, pay bills, clean your room, and best or worst of all, there's no mother next to you telling you what to do. There's no mother to tell you to chew with your mouth closed or keep your elbows off the table. So what do we do now as grownups when it comes to etiquette? There are the easy rules like don't be late, don't smack your gum...but what about rules that aren't so common sense. Say for instance, you're hosting or attending a dinner party. Who knew that at one meal you could have 3 different forks?! Here's a couple of tips to follow and you'll be ready to dine, pinky up and all.

1. BMW--(no not the car, but I wouldn't mind one....) However, this easy to remember acronym stand for Bread, Meal, Water and should be applied when setting the table. The bread dish goes on the left side, then the meal, and the water glass to the right.

2. Outisde-In-- At the first fancy dinner I went to, I felt a little like Ariel from the Little Mermaid. (I didn't brush my hair with a fork, but I was pretty darn confused!) The rule is actually quite self-explanatory...start with the outside and work your way in. You eat the salad with the outer most fork (usually slightly smaller than the main course) and then the next fork is for your main course...If the silverware is place at the top of the plate, save that for later, it's probably for you coffee later.

3. Napkins--When you sit down, put your napkin in your lap! You don't leave your napkin on the table during dinner. After your done eating, you can put your napkin on the table. (Also if you HAVE to spit something out, which you really never should....wipe your mouth with your napkin and discretely spit the food item out and fold it in your napkin.)

4. Ahh...put a fork in it!-- ALWAYS USE SILVERWARE! even if you are eating something like a french fry do not use your fingers. Keeping your elbows in, you may cut with your right and then switch hands to put your fork in the right hand.

5. If you can't's too much food--Bites should be small...You should be able put the food in the corner of your mouth, and continue talking with out anybody noticing.

There are a lot more rules but most of these can be figured out by watching others, or just using your common sense!

You can find some more helpful hints at:
Ok folks now down to business! You've been equipped with the knowledge of which garnish will set that perfect drink over the edge and what to wear to a night out on the town Pullman style. But you have yet to learn what it takes to throw a party of your own.

Here you will find the tools you need to throw a great party, the do's and don'ts ever host should know and all the extra details that go into party planning. I'm going to take you through the journey of my own party planning experience where you join me in setting the date, planning the event, buying the supplies and seeing just how much work goes into this kind of stuff.

First off the reason this party is even being planned, is to set the bar for all future events that will be taking place at one of the most popular bars in Pullman, Stubblefields. The first annual Aquarius Birthday Party is set for February 6th. The hard part what getting the date set.

Now its up to me to create advertisements so people will even come. These have been submitted and will be set into motion sometime this week. Now that the hard part is taken care of, decorations are next on my list of things to do...

Next week I'll take you through the dos and don'ts of party planning, and update you on where I find myself. Overwhelmed? or an epic fail?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Drink of the Week: Hot Buttered Rum

As the winter lingers on, your toes turn to ice, and your body starts to ache, you start to wonder. What can you possibly do to warm your senses? I know! Sip on a Hot Buttered Rum!


8 oz. apple cider
6 whole cloves
1 cinnamon stick
1/2 oz. lemon juice
2 oz. dark rum
1 tsp. butter

Usually you can find a buttered rum mix at grocery stores. Currently in Pullman, I saw some at Dissmores in the wine isle near the daiquiri mixtures. Most common grocery stores should have the mixture, but if not, these directions show how to make it yourself.

  • Pour apple cider, cloves, cinnamon stick and lemon juice into a small saucepan.
  • Bring to a boil
  • Pour into a mug
  • Add rum
  • Top with butter
  • Enjoy!
The mixture you get at stores is a thicker, creamier version of this Hot Buttered Rum, but both will warm you up in the cold winter chill. Pair it with sitting by the fire and a romantic movie, and your winter couldn't be better!

Courtesy of a book I own called The Complete Bartender.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Drink Décor

Nothing makes a cocktail more dazzling than its look. The bright colors of flavor can make or break that perfect sip of paradise. But what can be more dazzling than the colorful décor?

Wazzupolitan is here to help make the perfect garnish!

First… for some simple garnish ideas…
  • Lemons and Limes—These are so simple to decorate your cocktail by simply cutting off the ends, and then cutting the lemon or lime into 6 or 8 pieces. These can be used to simply put on the edge of the drink by making a slit to attach it, or even for a little extra flavor inside.
  • Cherries—Fresh maraschino cherries make simple, yet sexy garnishes. These cherries can be used simply in the drink with the stem attached. They can also be attached to a pick with other fruit by removing the stem.
  • Oranges—These are much like lemons and limes. By cutting them into small wedge pieces and slitting the middle, they look amazing attached to the side.
  • Olives—Usually the best drink to add green olives to are Gin or Vodka Martinis. Many fruity drinks don’t mix well with olives. They can be placed inside the drink or attached to a pick.
  • Pineapples—These make drinks truly look like paradise. Use just like a lemon or lime and attach to the side.
Whatever satisfies your taste can be used to decorate your drink!

Also— leaves, flowers and candy are great for garnishes, but remember—a perfect garnish is always simple, yet extremely classy!

Second… The Twist…

The easiest and yet most decorative drink garnishes are the twist. Use a lime, lemon, or orange for the best spirals.
  • Using a lemon zester, use the blade in the middle to dig into the peel far enough to grab a thick piece of the peel, but not so deep to hit the inside of the fruit.
  • Continue to slice the peel around the lemon in a spiral motion until it gets as long as you want the twist.
  • Then use your finger to wrap the peel around to get the curl. For a tighter twist use a bar spoon and wrap the peel tighter without breaking it. If you do not have a bar spoon, a straw can also be used.
  • And there you have it! Place the twist on the edge of the drink to add some flare! 

For more simple drink garnish techniques check out

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Golden Globes Red Carpet- Pullmanized!

This weekend marked the 67th annual Golden Globes, a celebration of all that is outstanding in television and film. And while the Golden Globes is often overshadowed by its more glamorous big sister, the Academy Awards, the Globes is still a party force to be reckoned with.

Stars spend all day primping and pampering to get ready for the Globes. An appearance on the worst dressed list can break any star’s spirit and kill any actress’s box office appeal. That’s why movie stars always make sure to enlist an arsenal of hair and makeup experts. But the most important element of any celebrity’s red carpet appearance is undoubtedly the gown they wear. That’s why it is important for stars to stay ahead of the curve, and wear the most flattering, glamorous, and beautiful dress they can find.

This year at the Globes, stars pulled out all the stops. But unquestionably the most popular, gorgeous trend on the red carpet was ethereal blush gowns, worn by the likes of Christina Hendricks, Emily Blunt, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Drew Barrymore.

This is a trend that any girl can incorporate into her wardrobe to "wow" any and everyone at the next party they attend. After all, why should the stars have all the fun? The way we see it, every girl should have the right to look like a superstar.

To wear a blush dress, as we see from the stars about, one does not need a tan. Girls of every skin tone can sport this trend, as long as they have confidence. Heads will turn at the frat party when you arrive in a satin blush shirt and black skinny jeans. On your next date with your boyfriend, spice things up by wearing by sporting a short silk blush dress and neutral khaki heels. Or, if you’re not feeling bold enough, dip your feet into the trend slowly by buying a blush scarf or bag. The results will be guaranteed glamorous. So go ahead and bring a little bit of Golden Globe elegance to Pullman. Lovely!


Pullman is known for two things--Lentils and Washington State University. And while our university may be in the midst of wheat fields, in the middle of nowhere, no one can compete with our school’s spirit. When we leave Wazzu, we leave proud to be Cougs.

Now we may not be in a big city, or in the midst of Hollywood glamour, but us Cougs know what it means to throw a party. And just because we live in the wheat fields doesn't mean we have to party like we have no class. And with that, Wazzupolitan is here to help! We'll let you know everything there is to know about parties. How to throw one, (there’s more to parties than beer pong and sticky floors), what NOT to wear, (because neon colors were so yesterday), the best new dance music (make way for Young Money), and even help you make some great cocktails (shaken, not stirred). Imagine if Martha Stewart and Paris Hilton had a love child...her name would be Wazzupolitan. And we know we're all broke, so we'll show you how to do all this and more while saving some money!

Just because we don’t have flashing lights, doesn’t mean we aren’t red carpet worthy.

A Martha-Paris love child? Now that's hott.