Saturday, January 30, 2010

How high is TOO high?

Like Katy said, heels can make you go from simply looking good to va-va-voom… But how do you know exactly which heels to wear with that sexy birthday dress?

Nothing is more embarrassing than tripping over your feet because your heels are too high, so how high is TOO high?

Here’s a SUPER GREAT example about how high is WAY TOO high! =]

So if you would rather not look like that then here are some tips:

Heels need to be tried on more than once and walked around in to test out the right fit. Due to the stresses on your feet of wearing heels these should not just be a quick pick. Stand in the shoes for a good few minutes; your feet will be able to tell you instantly if there are problems.

An important test is to stand in your heels with your knees straight. Then try to stand on your tippy toes so your heels are about a half inch off the ground. If you can’t do this, then your heels are too high.

Another thing… when you walk in your heels, be sure NOT to roll your ankles when you walk. Most people naturally roll when they walk. This will cause your ankle to roll completely and you WILL fall.

The most important thing when wearing high heels is to not wear them all the time. The constant stress on your muscles and joints will force you to wear sneakers forever if you push your limits. Switch up your wardrobe a bit… sexy stilettos don’t have to be your usual.

So remember- when going out with that hot date, goin to the club, or out on your 21-run, make sure your high heels are not TOO high.

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