Sunday, January 31, 2010

The ins and outs

well going forward on this whole party business has sure been a challenge. not only have i single handedly bought all decorations (on a $100 budget mind you) but i have also had to make sure the advertisements have been designed and made by a deadline, gathered a group of people to distribute the flyers as well as setting up a time to record a radio commercial.

All have had their own sets of challenges:

I have a vision about how I see the bar being set up so I have enlisted the help of only one person to cut, sew and assemble all decorations. that was a challenge in itself because for one I've found that people don't like doing things for free (or maybe I'm just asking the wrong people) at any rate they have proved to be reliable but getting them to do things independent of my direction has slowed the process 10 fold. So the mantra if you want things done right do it yourself hold true.

The dollar store has become my best friend as far as decorations has gone. $50 spent there on things for the VIP lounge as well as for the individual bars stretched amazingly. Another $50 was spent on fabric and other nick-nacks and additional $1o is being spent on 100 goldfish!

below are pictures of the recording session for the commercial. Even that was painstaking for me because I had an idea in my head and I just wasn't completely satisfied by it. But it's on the radio and people will hear it so it's doing its job!

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