Thursday, January 21, 2010

Drink Décor

Nothing makes a cocktail more dazzling than its look. The bright colors of flavor can make or break that perfect sip of paradise. But what can be more dazzling than the colorful décor?

Wazzupolitan is here to help make the perfect garnish!

First… for some simple garnish ideas…
  • Lemons and Limes—These are so simple to decorate your cocktail by simply cutting off the ends, and then cutting the lemon or lime into 6 or 8 pieces. These can be used to simply put on the edge of the drink by making a slit to attach it, or even for a little extra flavor inside.
  • Cherries—Fresh maraschino cherries make simple, yet sexy garnishes. These cherries can be used simply in the drink with the stem attached. They can also be attached to a pick with other fruit by removing the stem.
  • Oranges—These are much like lemons and limes. By cutting them into small wedge pieces and slitting the middle, they look amazing attached to the side.
  • Olives—Usually the best drink to add green olives to are Gin or Vodka Martinis. Many fruity drinks don’t mix well with olives. They can be placed inside the drink or attached to a pick.
  • Pineapples—These make drinks truly look like paradise. Use just like a lemon or lime and attach to the side.
Whatever satisfies your taste can be used to decorate your drink!

Also— leaves, flowers and candy are great for garnishes, but remember—a perfect garnish is always simple, yet extremely classy!

Second… The Twist…

The easiest and yet most decorative drink garnishes are the twist. Use a lime, lemon, or orange for the best spirals.
  • Using a lemon zester, use the blade in the middle to dig into the peel far enough to grab a thick piece of the peel, but not so deep to hit the inside of the fruit.
  • Continue to slice the peel around the lemon in a spiral motion until it gets as long as you want the twist.
  • Then use your finger to wrap the peel around to get the curl. For a tighter twist use a bar spoon and wrap the peel tighter without breaking it. If you do not have a bar spoon, a straw can also be used.
  • And there you have it! Place the twist on the edge of the drink to add some flare! 

For more simple drink garnish techniques check out

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