Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Looking Good on Your Birthday

Yesterday marked a big milestone in my life: I turned 22 years old! Alright, perhaps I met my 22nd birthday with mild panic and resistance, but I was still keen to celebrate the best year of my life. Not only was I keen to celebrate, I was eager to celebrate in style.

Searching for the right birthday dress is a precarious feat. You do not want something ill-fitting, tacky, or boring. This is a day to stand out, in a good way.

My first rule of advice is to stay away from anything that would be deemed appropriate for a funeral. Nothing is worse than someone wearing a black, dowdy birthday dress! I suggest wearing colors like rich jewel tones, which are flattering on all skin tones and body types. This is your night to shine, so crank the pizzazz of your look up to volume eleven, and bask in all the well-warranted attention you deserve. This is your day, after all, and you deserve to have the spotlight on you. If you must wear a black dress, make sure there is something special about it that draws the eye or piques interest, a good example of this is Lauren Conrad's 21 birthday dress (see above image). Yes, it is black, but it is anything but basic.

A good way to achieve a fun level of pizzazz and zing is to stick with sequins. Many young girls tend to avoid sequins, because the texture of the garment can be unflattering for most figures. But the key with sequins is to be strategic about their placement. For girls with a smaller bust, fill out a top by wearing a sequin shirt tucked into a high wasted skirt. If you want to draw attention to you legs, hip, or behind, a short sequin skirt in a rich, jewel-toned color paired with a simple black blouse is your best bet. For girls with total body confidence, I say rock sequins head to toe. This is perhaps the one time in your life you can get away with it.

Another rule I have for good birthday style is to make sure you are tucked in and strapped in securely. Nothing is worse than having a “wardrobe malfunction” and garnering attention for all the wrong reasons. So make sure whatever you are wearing is a good fit and is not going to move anywhere. That way, all eyes will be on you for the right reasons.

My last bit of advice is to wear a nice, comfortable high heel. I have the ultimate repugnance for high-heeled shoes, because at 5 feet 10 inches high, I feel like Yao Ming when I wear heels. But on my birthday, I know I have to stand out, and a heel could be the secret ingredient in taking me from looking good to va-va-voom. If I can muster my hatred for high-heeled shoes and wear stilettos on my birthday, then surely you can, too.

So, go forth, and start looking for your birthday dress now, even if your special day is not until June. After all, birthdays are not the occasion to procrastinate. And remember: This is your day to shine, to celebrate the year you’ve had. I may have met my birthday with panic and resistance, but I also met it with flair and style.

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