Monday, April 26, 2010

Being a Responsible Bartender

Many alcoholic drink recipes have been suggested throughout Wazzupolitan's posts, but what if our readers do not wish to drink an alcoholic beverage? Or what do you do when people drink too much? As a blog offering many drink recipes, Wazzupolitan decided it's a great idea to make a post about how to be a responsible bartender.

It is very important that you keep your company safe while making drinks. Numerous stories have been heard about drinking and driving, and even stories about overdrinking. As a bartender, or even party host, you are responsible for how much your guests consume.

Here's some tips on how to be responsible when serving and taking care of your guests:

First, always keep a great supply of non-alcoholic drinks available for your company. These are provided for those who are the designated drivers, or those who just prefer to not drink. Many virgin drinks can be offered as well so those do not feel singled out. Sodas and punch are a great idea for serving to your party.

Also, if a guest asks for a drink with light alcohol, make sure you comply. You are responsible for their safety and it does not do you any good by supplying them with an overly loaded alcoholic beverage. Besides, do you really want to clean up after them when they are sick in your own house? If you want to avoid the mess, avoid loading their drink with alcohol.

A great idea is to offer plenty of food with your drinks. When having a party, get-together, or simple friends date, offer a selection of chips, breads, and appetizers. Although most individuals should be responsible for avoiding getting overly drunk, it is not completely possible for some. By offering food, your guests can have a great filler, with plenty of laughs. Breads and chips will coat the stomach for those who forgot to eat before arriving... or even those who just love to eat. Who doesn't like to have some appetizers while having a cocktail?

One thing that is hard to do for college towns is avoid the parties whose main purpose is to get drunk. Do not throw a party that is all about the booze. This is highly unsafe, and could lead to many unknown guests showing up who are under your responsibility. The safety of your guests is your responsiblity and Wazzupolitan cannot stress that enough. If anything happens to your guests as they leave your party pad, you are responsible. Throw a party with friends and fun and drinks, and don't focus mainly on the amount of alcohol. You want your guests to have a good time, not drink the night away and forget it the next day. Offer board games and cards, tv and music, and plenty of friends and laughs.

Lastly, if any children are present, which is probably unlikely for college parties and get-togethers at Washington State University, but make sure the alcohol is safely away from children. Keep the cabinet locked, or keep the alcohol up high. Children and pets as well get into everything close to the ground. When having pets, act as if they are children, keep the booze up high. Alcohol is very toxic to pets and will quickly end your companion's life. So be responsible with children and pets.

Having a successful party is extremely fun. But if your party leads to dangerous drinking and driving, or even those drinking to excess, it can quickly leave a great party in ruins. So be responsible when serving alcohol to your guests. Remember-you are in charge of their safety, and also in charge of their fun. Make it a great night by being a responsible bartender!

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