Sunday, April 25, 2010

Celebration Drinks to Happy Holidays

While we all know that champagne toasts to New Year's Day is a common party tradition, many holidays don't get the celebration they need. Some holidays, nobody even knows of. This post came from an idea in a book I own by Robyn Feller, called The Complete Bartender.

Seasons and holidays alike both deserve a special treat. While most of our posts on Drinks of the Week, and our Drink of the Month, cover some of these treats, here are some holidays that might not have crossed your mind. These recipes can be looked up on any search engine.

Leap Year --- February 29th --- This day only comes once every four years, so make this day a good one by celebrating with a Leap Year Special (found at Super Cocktails Dot Com).

Mardi Gras (of course, how could you forget!). Try drinking a New Orleans, or a Hurricane (a toast to those lost in Hurricane Katrina).

Ground Hog Day -- Help that ground hog find his shadow, by drinking a delicious Mudslide.

Memorial Day (coming soon at the end of May). Celebrate with a Big Blue Sky.

Midsummer's Eve: May Blossom Fizz, Midnight Sun, Strawberry Shortcake (yummm).

Canada Day: Canadian Cocktail (this recipe was already posted by Katy at our own Wazzupolitan, check again at Wazzupolitan Canadian Cocktail).

Independence Day. Let's all celebrate fireworks with a Rainbow Sherbert Punch (made with red, white, and blue sherbert). This is a perfect drink to sit on the porch and watch some fireworks while sipping on some punch.

Halloween. This is such a spooky night, why not celebrate with a sip of Zombie (made in a punch bowl to celebrate with friends). This recipe can be found at I Drink Dot Com.

Thanksgiving -- Add a Turkey Shooter to your plate of Turkey. Or maybe some Cranberry Vodka Punch.

Christmas (Best day of the year!). Number one greatest drink for the holiday... Eggnog, no explanation needed.

New Year's Eve: Champagne Maraschino Punch, Champagne Cocktail... Bring in the Champagne, and bring in the New Year!

Numerous Holidays happen every month. Check the calendar for future holidays to plan a toast to the big day. Any day can be a holiday!

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