Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm on a Boat!

This weekend, I attended the 16th annual Northwest Filipino American Student Association Conference (NWFASA). After a long day of workshops and networking, it was time to socialize. This year the 'social event' was on a boat. So here are some reasons why you should you should or should not party on a boat:

1. You get to sing the 'I'm on a Boat' song!

2. If you feel queasy, there's no need to find the bathroom...just lean over the edge of the boat!

3. Saying you're going to a boat party is way cooler than saying you're going to a house party

4. Enjoy the beautiful night sky...or dirty river depending where you are

5. You'll have a cool story to tell if you fall over board

6. You get to take the Jack and Rose Titanic picture

7. Orange life vests are the new little black dress...everyone looks good in orange!

8. BUT beverage prices are going to be higher

9. You can't run from the creeper stalker guy because there's nowhere to go

10. If you get car sick you may get boat sick

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