Monday, April 26, 2010

Cinco De Mayo


When celebrating Cinco de Mayo, one can often feel very overwhelmed if they are the party planner. Here are some tips to stay on track and keep the good times rollin this 5th of may.

Instead of going all out on array of different liquors or even spending a boat load on expensive tequila, trying limiting yourself to two or three liquors and look for the less known tequilas. This way you stay more authentic and you don't have to buy as many mixers to accompany your liquors.

Also try sticking to two beers and adding soda, juices, and water to your beverage choices. This way everyone is happy.

When it comes to food, try creating a taco bar with different meats and ingredients such as salsa, guacamole, and cheese. This gives you a more laid back atmosphere as well as allows your guests to tailor their food to their own liking.

You should also try to choose music that fits with the theme of Cinco de Mayo. So incorporating upbeat music as well as mariachi sounds is a good idea. Create a playlist that also fits your personality too. Selecting artists such as Shakira, Paula Rubio, Enrique Iglesias or Carlos Santana are a few mainstream options for music selection.

All in all Cinco de Mayo is a celebration so make it one. Have fun and your guests will to. Try not to overdo things and micro manage too much. Things are bound to go wrong, but if you keep a positive attitude your party will end up a hit.

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