Monday, February 15, 2010

Party Themes

If you live in Pullman and you go out every weekend, it can get a little boring. ANOTHER stop light party? Or another night of playing beer pong? Why not mix it up a little and host a themed party...Here are a couple of ideas that you may not have seen yet...

Sin City
--high rollers and gorgeous show girls

Black and White
--Everyone needs somewhere to wear that little black dress

--Murder mystery party!

Fire and Ice Ball
--Red, White and Diamonds (or maybe just something shiny)

Kiss Me I'm Irish
--if you're lucky enough to be Irish, your lucky enough!

--Karaoke anyone?

Decade Party
--Swinging 70s? Girls just wanna have fun 80s?

Last Day of Decadence
--Flappers may have been the best thing from the Roaring 20s!

--A little bit of elegance, a little bit of mystery

And a little more college-esque parties...

White Trash Party
--Did I hear someone say there's a mud fight?

ABC (Anything But Clothes)
--Enough said.


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