Monday, February 22, 2010

Would you like some cheese with that wine?

Tired of drinking $10 box wine, but don't know how to move on? Here are the basic ideas of tasting and enjoying some high class wine.

Color and Clarity
-Try and look behind it just being red or white. What shade is it and how translucent or bright is the color? Lighter red usually means more aged and a bit more flavourful...

-This is the fun part, where you get to swirl your glass. You really need to stick your nose in it to get that smell beyond the alcohol.

-And the fun part. But don't take it all in one gulp. Taste a little, swish it in your mouth and try to see what it initially tastes like and how the after taste is.

Really it all comes down to perference, and hey, if you like drinking Franzia, go ahead--but just in case you find yourself wanting something a little more sophisticated, now you know how to be a wine snob.

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