Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quick-n-Easy SuperDuper Super Bowl Party Ideas

With the Super Bowl a day away, here are some last minute decorating ideas to WOW your football fans at that awesome game day party.

Decorate your buffet table with a grassy table cloth found at most party shops for just a few dollars. If you really want to go all out you can paint white ten yard lines and construct cardboard goal posts at both ends of the table. Add some football shaped confetti to sprinkle the top of the table.

If you are going cheap, then a plain green table cloth will work just fine. Oh yeah and for those who don’t have paint just lying around-white out works pretty good for those yard lines.

Balloons of the teams are also another cheap way to add some color to your party. Go get some black and gold balloons and put them on one side of the buffet table and some blue and white for the other.

Decorating the walls is left to the party store for football cutouts, unless you want to make your own with cardboard and paint. Try not to leave this for the very last minute or your paint won’t dry before your guests arrive.

Streamers top off the room for some added flair. Stream colors of the teams across the room and dangle some from the ceiling above your buffet tables. These will bring the room to life even before all the food is set out.

Place your food in football shaped platters and football decorated paper plates and watch your party come to life! Also add some football decorated napkins and paper cups, or even napkins the colors of the teams.

When the guests arrive your party will burst with madness!

Also to add some flair get some light up football ice cubes… These will turn your regular beer and wings combo into something a little more festive. They can be found at most grocery stores at this time, and more commonly found at party stores. 

Don’t forget the football cupcakes to top it off!

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